The Gun Barons

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Horace Smith

Horace Smith, who rose from apprentice bayonet forger to firearms industry titan.

Credit: Public domain

Eliphalet Remington

Eliphalet Remington, founder of the firm that bore his name and produced guns for more than two centuries.

Credit: Wikipedia Commons

Samuel Colt

Showman, inventor, business titan, huckster Samuel Colt, holding an 1851 Navy revolver.

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Oliver Winchester

Carpenter turned shirtmaker turned gunmaker Oliver Winchester.

Credit: Buffalo Bill Center of the West, Cody WY

Christopher Miner Spencer

Christopher Miner Spencer, inventor of many things, including a repeating rifle used by Union forces in the Civil War.

Credit: Windsor Historical Society, Windsor CT

Daniel Baird Wesson

Daniel Baird Wesson and his wife, Cynthia. Wesson is holding what appears to be a pepperbox pistol.

Credit: Roy G. Jinks collection

Their Guns

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