The Washington Examiner reviewed Gun Barons:

“Bainbridge’s volume is more than a history of the origins of America’s gun industry, it’s a history of 19th century America … [A] lively, enjoyable account of the men who created modern guns, the modern arms industry, and, in their own way, modern America.”

John talked about the inventors who started Colt, Smith & Wesson, Winchester, and Remington, and the role their firearms played in U.S. westward expansion and the Civil War on C-SPAN.

John was a guest on History Unplugged Podcast
Listen to “The Arsenal of Democracy: How the Revolver and Repeating Rifle Democratized Gun Ownership and Armed the United States” on Spreaker.

John was featured on The Jefferson Exchange in “The men who made America and guns inseparable” (Listen)

The Wall Street Journal reviewed Gun Barons on May 18, 2022 (online) and May 19, 2022 (print), calling the book “a well-told chronicle” of “the rise of America’s greatest gunmakers.”